Emmeline Pankhurst was an extraordinary women’s rights activist who played a huge in role giving women the vote, and who’s bravery has changed society forever. Emmeline was a leading lady for the suffragette movement who campaigned for equal rights for women. 


Emmeline was born in Manchester on the 15th of July 1858. Throughout her political career she faced many hardships. Her earlier campaigns included hunger strikes and peaceful protests. She was also refused entry into the independent labour party due to her being female. What felt like one step forward was also two steps backward. But with perseverance and determination, she founded the Women’s Social and Political Union in 1903. This move largely gave birth to the suffragette movement that we recognise today, where strong women bound together and changed the world!


When the Great War started in 1914, Emmeline focused her energy into supporting the war effort. She was a large contributor to the war on the home front through helping in factories to working on the farming grounds. Once the war was over, she was motivated to not let the women’s efforts be diminished and proceeded to carry on challenging the patriarchy. Shortly after her death, the government passed the Representation Of The People Act in 1928, granting equality in the voting between all men and women above the age of 21. Although it happened after she had passed, it is such an inspiration and undoubtedly paved the way for many of the changes and the equality we have today. 


We believe that invisibobble has carried these values on in what we do, and how we act as a company. One big way in which we do our bit for gender equality is by conducting regular audits for fair working conditions and salaries at every stage of our product production. This means that men and women are being paid the same, and everyone is being paid fairly and treated fairly. The other way in which we evoke change is through creating products for every type of woman. Through inclusivity we can ensure that every customer from every ethnic background is felt included. However, on top of it all we have Sophie. Everyday that invisibobble grows, Sophie's ideas touch more people and hopefully more women will feel empowered to create more companies like invisibobble!

July 14, 2021 — New Flag UK