Meet the Invisibobble Team!

Here at invisibobble we have a fab team working across different segments of our company. However, we all share the same goal: to make our hair loving products the best they can be! It would be impossible to tell you about each person and show you all of their wonderful faces, but we thought we could do a brief interview-style intro to a few of our local and abroad employees 😊


Meet Sophie Trelles-TvedeMeet Sophie
Sophie is our founder / Queen of all things invisibobble.






what's your fav invisibobble product, and why?

Difficult to have a ‘favourite’ because it’s almost like having a favourite child. But if you ask which product I am most emotionally attached to, it’s the invisibobble ORIGINAL, as it was the product with which the brand was launched. It also happened to be my favourite product to widget with. 

Favourite invisibobble hack?

I religiously use them as repurposed in other areas. For example all the food packets in my kitchen are closed with invisibobble hair ties 😅. Other than that, I love the hack that you can put our invisibobble's in hot water and they retract to their original sizes. This way the life span of our products increases drastically. I even know of people who have used ONE invisibobble as they only hair tie they use, for over a year!!!

Fun fact about your time at invisibobble? 

The first invisibobble celebrity fan we ever had was an adult film star 😂. We don’t know the details of everything she did with her invisibobbles or why necessarily those were her favourite hair ties…Also all of our invisibobble products are handmade… which also means that every single one is hand checked 🤯


Meet Emma
Managing Director of NewFlag UK 







Favourite invisibobble product and why?

Despite the fact that my hair spends 90% of it’s time “down”, I never go anywhere without either a SPRUNCHIE or a SLIM around my wrist.  I find it reassuring to know that I always have an invisibobble to hand for those times when I decide to put my hair up, plus I think they look really cool around your wrist and I will always favour the brightest colours or leopard print.  Really it’s an extension of fashion and I take genuine pleasure in planning an outfit with coordinating invisibobble accessories!


Favourite invisibobble hack?

This summer I had so many hydrangeas (my favourite flowers), and decided to get creative by putting them in a series of glass cube vases as a table centre piece.  I was fiddling around trying to tie up the flowers whilst keeping them in the tight bunch, which was super awkward as I’m no natural florist.  And then I realised I had the perfect solution around my wrist – my invisibobble!  It worked a treat, plus being water proof it could be easily reused, as opposed to wasting the string or ribbon I would have used otherwise. 


Fun fact or favourite moment at invisibobble?

Sophie’s book coming out was a real highlight – firstly it’s a fantastic yet humorous business book, but secondly due to the book title we did a fun press send out (“100 Million Hair Ties and a Vodka Tonic” is the title).  The beauty press get a lot PR packages, but somehow the vodka element really captured everyone’s interest (who doesn’t like a surprise gift including Vodka!).  The book is a great read, I’d highly recommend it to everyone – especially for young people needing a push to just “go for it” and start up a new business!  Stuff will go wrong, but you learn every day, and importantly learn to laugh at yourself and the inevitable crazy and challenging situations! 


 Meet Grace

Grace is our invisibobble Brand Director







what's your fav invisibobble product, and why?

 Now this is a tough one to answer and I think I am going to have to go with two products. Firstly, my favourite spiral product is the SLIM because I think it looks elegant on my wrist when I do not have my hair up, but it also has a great hold and is my saviour at holding my hair up whilst I am sweating away during workouts.

My second favourite is the HAIRHALO. I get headaches a lot so I always avoid wearing hairbands, but I found it a shame as I think they are so fun to dress up a boring outfit and to keep my hair out of my face whilst working. The HAIRHALO is then perfect, and I love adjusting the product to feel comfortable on my head all day long and I collect all the new ones we launch to match with my outfits.

Favourite invisibobble hack?

As you can imagine I have no shortage of invisibobble products in my life and therefore must admit that my food cupboards are full of invisibobble spirals. I use them to close packages of food like oats or cereals to keep them fresh. It might not be the cheapest solution to keeping food fresh but they certainly do a great job!

Fun fact about your time at invisibobble? 

I have been working on the invisibobble brand for the last 6 years and I especially love the product development part of the business. So, my fun fact is that since I have been working on the brand, we have launched over 200 new invisibobble products!


Meet Ann-Sophie

Ann-Sophie is our Junior Content Creator and Social Media Manager






Favourite invisibobble product and why?

I recently discovered the power. It gives my ponytail such a cute voluminous look, but from a design perspective I loveeee the latest swim with mi SPRUNCHIES as they’re super soft and a perfect way to make your look special with a pop of colour.

Favourite invisibobble hack?

I always use my invisibobble if I need to close a bread bag or any kind of bag in the kitchen 😊

Fun fact about your time at invisibobble? 

My favourite moment is quite hard to say since I haven’t been here for too long but I love being part of the creative team; taking part in photo shootings, creating fun/cool videos and just giving free reign to my creativity! That’s exactly why I love what I do!



Invisibobble Global Brand Manage, Meet Niko  Meet Niko:  

 Niko is our Global Brand Manager.






Favourite invisibobble product and why?

The SPRUNCHIE! It’s like a canvas and we can be really creative with designs and fabrics. Also, my girlfriend loves them so it’s always a great gift to bring home 😊

Favourite invisibobble hack?

The hot water trick for sure! Makes our products long lasting and sustainable, as you do not have to throw them away. A sustainable brand is evermore important and I think our team has done a great job building just that.


Invisibobble Intern, HAIRLOVETECH Meet Inayah:

 Inayah is our Intern here in the UK.







Favourite invisibobble product and why?

My favourite has got to be the TWINS collection. Being a noughties baby, I never got to experience all the cool trends from the 80’s and 90’s so I’m so glad we’re seeing a revival in all things 80’s and 90’s.🕺🏽

Favourite invisibobble hack?

I’ve got to agree with Niko on the hack. I try to avoid fast fashion and so using boiling water can be a great way to reuse your invisibobbles to stop you having to continuously buy new ones!

Fun fact about your time at invisibobble? 

It’s so hard to pick a favourite moment or my favourite thing about invisibobble as a whole! There’s something new and exciting happening every day that I get to be a part of whether that be sales, marketing, customer service, etc. I’m loving learning all about invisibobble and getting the most of my internship! 😊

September 21, 2021 — New Flag UK

Emmeline Pankhurst Day

Emmeline Pankhurst was an extraordinary women’s rights activist who played a huge in role giving women the vote, and who’s bravery has changed society forever. Emmeline was a leading lady for the suffragette movement who campaigned for equal rights for women. 


Emmeline was born in Manchester on the 15th of July 1858. Throughout her political career she faced many hardships. Her earlier campaigns included hunger strikes and peaceful protests. She was also refused entry into the independent labour party due to her being female. What felt like one step forward was also two steps backward. But with perseverance and determination, she founded the Women’s Social and Political Union in 1903. This move largely gave birth to the suffragette movement that we recognise today, where strong women bound together and changed the world!


When the Great War started in 1914, Emmeline focused her energy into supporting the war effort. She was a large contributor to the war on the home front through helping in factories to working on the farming grounds. Once the war was over, she was motivated to not let the women’s efforts be diminished and proceeded to carry on challenging the patriarchy. Shortly after her death, the government passed the Representation Of The People Act in 1928, granting equality in the voting between all men and women above the age of 21. Although it happened after she had passed, it is such an inspiration and undoubtedly paved the way for many of the changes and the equality we have today. 


We believe that invisibobble has carried these values on in what we do, and how we act as a company. One big way in which we do our bit for gender equality is by conducting regular audits for fair working conditions and salaries at every stage of our product production. This means that men and women are being paid the same, and everyone is being paid fairly and treated fairly. The other way in which we evoke change is through creating products for every type of woman. Through inclusivity we can ensure that every customer from every ethnic background is felt included. However, on top of it all we have Sophie. Everyday that invisibobble grows, Sophie's ideas touch more people and hopefully more women will feel empowered to create more companies like invisibobble!

July 14, 2021 — New Flag UK